The Budapest Wine Festival and SPAR Hungary Ltd., which has been supporting the event for almost two decades, are both celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and we are honoring the occasion with two jubilee wines.

Wine Festival specials | 2021. 09. 20.

The idea of celebrating the joint birthday with an exclusive festive wine was already born in early spring. In fact, why not have two: a white and a red one.

The only “small” question that remained was which two wines to choose. There is a sea of good wines in Hungary, but even if we only search among the exhibitors of the Wine Festival, the number of possible wines is in the thousands.

We were quite sure that we wanted exclusive wines for this memorable occasion, that is, ones that are not commercially available anywhere else and were made specifically for this occasion. Just as there was no doubt that only the highest quality, without compromise, could be considered.

These two cornerstones set the framework for the project. We launched a closed, invitation-only competition between the wineries that regularly exhibit at the Budapest Wine Festival and also SPAR's partners, which eventually received more than 50 entries. Conveniently, shortly after the closing date, the only international wine competition in our country, VinAgora, was organized by the same team responsible for the Wine Festival. The items competing for the jubilee wine title were thus placed among the official samples of VinAgora so that the international jury could judge them blindly, without any prejudice.

From the few wines that earned a gold medal in the prestigious competition, we at last selected the final winners together with the experts of SPAR during another rigorous tasting: in the white category, the Mátrai Pinot Gris 2020 from Szőke Mátyás & Zoltán Winery, and the Premium Cabernet Franc 2017 of Csányi Winery. Through a long, creative process that paid attention to every detail, the wines were then given a custom-designed image by the team at Roxer, and in early September arrived on the shelves of SPAR stores under the name “JUBILEUM” (JUBILEE).



Szőke Mátyás & Zoltán Winery

JUBILEUM Mátrai Pinot Gris 2020

The wines of the Mátra wine region are outstanding in their fruitiness. Flavors of figs and peaches with a slight honey character in the background are reminiscent of a ripe, golden bunch of grapes. A sip is full and long, and its acidity makes it a lovely wine. It’s perfect for meals, but also for friendly conversations.


Csányi Winery

JUBILEUM Premium Villányi Franc 2017

"Villányi Franc is the epitome of elegance and harmony." Its deep garnet red colour promises richness, with delicate aromas of blackberries, plums, and vanilla spice in its scent. In addition to its rich and long flavours, the soft acidity and velvety tannins make it truly memorable.