Budapest Wine Festival

Budapest Wine Festival 2024

September 12-15, 2024
Buda Castle

Seasoned with elegance, sprinkled with a bit of chic, served majestically

The iconic symbol of Budapest, recognizable by its distinctive dome, towering above the Buda Castle Hill, which defines the Danube riverside panorama, hosted Budapest Wine Festival for the 32nd time, one of the most prestigious wine festival of the year. The beauty of this place and its impressive surroundings demand that we welcome our guests in a worthy manner every year. Enthusiasts of wines had the opportunity to taste the excellent selections of our country's diverse wine and champagne offerings from renowned domestic wineries. As a guest of honour, South America showcased the characteristic flavors and aromas of its wines. And speaking of flavors, the Gourmet court offered a variety of premium dishes and fantastic culinary creations. For the first time this year, we opened our VIP terrace to the general public, providing special experiences and privileges for our VIP guests.

Last year's event on photos

In 2023, the 32nd. Budapest wine festival, we were free to tour the constantly beautifying courtyards of the Buda Castle, where we could taste fantastic wines and dishes. For 4 wonderful days, we said goodbye to the summer together with our favorite wine in our hands. One of the most beautiful festivals in the country, but perhaps in Europe, this year awaited everyone with new squares and programs, of which beautiful photos were also taken.

The festival on video

During the day we enjoyed the summer sunshine, in the evening the pleasant autumn weather and the atmospheric scenery of the Buda Castle at the 32nd Budapest Wine Festival. We sampled a selection of quality wines, tasted gastronomic miracles and learned about the wine culture and traditional dishes of South America. We broadened our horizons with various professional programmes and, most importantly, we had a fantastic experience!