Fantasy poured onto a glass

This year, we organized an open tender to create the graphic design for the limited edition festival glass.

Wine Festival specials | 2019. 08. 25.

This year, the organizer of the 28-year-old Budapest Wine Festival, the Hungarian Vine and Wine Culture Nonprofit Ltd. announced a tender for the design of an exclusive, limited-edition wine glass graphic. This crystal glass is unique because it is bigger and more elegant than other glasses at the Wine Festival. Only 2019 pieces were made in total, and they can only be purchased in advance. Limited-edition glasses debuted two years ago and were a huge success. This year’s design opportunity was given to professional graphic artists and apprentices.


The requirements were simple: “Unleash your imagination and design a new dress for the limited edition wine glass of the Budapest Wine Festival, which reflects the high standard and elegance of the event but also the nobility of the World Heritage location of the Buda Castle. Feel free to blend in your personality, the freshness of trends, or the honor of traditions.”

The competition was open to both amateur and professional artists, regardless of qualifications or age.

From Szeged to Budapest

Rita Bártfai of Szeged won the competition, so the limited edition set of unique, crystal wine tasting glasses (2019 pieces in total), which can only be purchased in advance, were based on her design. Currently, the winner is designing labels and logos only as a hobby. As a “civilian” she is a software tester at the Department of Software Development at the University of Szeged.

The wine glass was inspired by a video of the Wine Festival, with dancers and panoramic views combining in the motifs. Although, as a Szeged native it was always the Szeged Wine Festival that she visited, but this year she is coming to the capital to attend the Budapest Wine Festival,  where she will be doing the wine tasting from her very own glass.

The exclusive limited-edition glasses are available for pre-order along with tickets and passes to the Festival.

Limitált kiadású pohár

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