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A Couple of Wine-Couples

Playful and instructive wine tasting every day at the Budapest Wine Festival
September 7-10


In 2014 we had an idea to create an exciting and playful tasting program that would still provide insights about professional nuances in winemaking – but let's be clear, it's not only for professionals. It started as a two-day program, but due to its great success now you can enjoy it during the whole festival!


What exactly is "A Couple of Wine-Couples" about?

Wineries taking part in this program offer pairs of wine samples  advertised in advance to taste. The two wines can be compared to learn about the real effects of wooden casks, vintage, terroir or aging period for example.


Who is this program for?

In two words: for everyone. Even if you are not a real wine expert, do not worry. Now you can taste and smell what you have been hearing about but maybe you were too shy to comment the conversation. If you are already an expert, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the efforts of the winemaker.


What kind of wine-couples can I taste?

TVariety is only limited by the imagination of the winemaker. The only requirement is that the two wines should be as similar as possible except for one characteristic to highlight the effects of this particular difference on the wine. A few examples of what can turn up:

  • the same wine matured in a barrel and in a steel tank
  • two wines from the same grape but different plots
  • two wines from the same variety, one with the yield restricted, one with full yield
  • a matured wine from a bottle, and one from a later harvest, still maturing in the barrel
  • a dry white and one with some excess sugar
  • a rose and a blanc de noir from the same Pinot noir
  • wines from the same plot, but two very different harvests
  • a naturally sweet wine and one from a botrytis-harvest

Is there a discount for this tasting?

Yes, 2 for 1 offer. You need to pay only for 1 glass of wine!g

Is the program available at every stand?

Unfortunately not, only at selected stands that applied to the program before the festival.


Where can I find the wines and wineries of the program?

Here, on this page. We also print a booklet for this program that you can get at the cashiers and Festipay top-up points. Besides, the list will be available also on our Facebook site and it’s useful to ask the winemaker on the spot.


Soon available..

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