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Butlers Wine Quiz Bar

The Butlers Wine Quiz Bar, an interactive tent set up by Butlers interior design, is now an indispensable part of the Wine Festival. Here you can learn  many interesting things in connection with wine.


The Directorate of Wine Qualification of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO) is ready to help anyone taste authentic wines and learn how to distinguish between faulty and proper wine. Being able to spot wine faults is not just a skill expected of wine professionals, but also an essential part of the knowledge of every wine-lover who consider themselves to be conscious consumers. Through some practical examples, NFCSO helps everyone acquire these skills. Scent vials are an essential part of sommelier courses, which you can also try out at the Wine Festival: by getting familiar with different types of scents one is provided with points of reference on what characteristics to look for while tasting different types of wine. At the end of the game everyone can turn the wheel of fortune of NFCSO – a prize is guaranteed! Anyone registering on the spot with a valid e-mail address can participate in the game. Butlers and NFCSO are the sponsors of the programme.

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